Sarah Woodgate, Director, Calgary Housing and President, Calgary Housing Company

With over 20 years professional experience in urban planning, real estate, community development, non-profits and municipal government, Sarah is a passionate affordable housing professional focused on transforming the housing system. Since 2015, Sarah has been in a dual role as President of Calgary Housing Company (CHC) and Director of Calgary Housing for The City of Calgary. In these roles, Sarah has led the development and implementation of Strategic plans for both organizations. Calgary Housing Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary is Calgary’s largest landlord who provides 10,000 homes to 25,000 Calgarians every day.  Approved by City Council in 2016, Foundations for Home, the City’s Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan, sets the strategic direction for The City’s delivery of affordable housing over 10 years. The plan also creates the foundation for non-profit housing providers to grow and scale up in Calgary towards a more sustainable housing network. Since being approved in 2016, over 2000 new units of non-market housing have been supported by The City of Calgary through various initiatives and incentives towards an increased supply.