Calgary’s Community Housing Affordability Collective the first of its kind in Alberta

Media release, November 23, 2016:

Today Calgary’s Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC) revealed a website where Calgarians can sign up to help make housing more affordable in the city.

CHAC is a housing-specific community-based advocacy group in Calgary. It is a network of individuals and organizations that recognize a need to improve housing affordability in Calgary through cross-sector collaboration and community-based advocacy.

CHAC Co-Chair and Horizon Housing Executive Director, Kim O’Brien, says a collective group dedicated to addressing housing and affordability is critical to ensure Calgarians can meet their lifetime housing needs in the city.

“One in five households are overspending on housing in our city,” said Ms O’Brien. “We also have a situation where Federal Government operating agreements that fund social housing properties will start expiring in 2021.”

“The collective is really important in bringing together stakeholders from across the entire housing spectrum to coordinate efforts and create the best long-term solutions for Calgarians.”

“We can accomplish more together than we can individually.”

CHAC is led by a Steering Committee comprising representatives from the City of Calgary, Horizon Housing Society, CHBA-UDI Calgary Region Association, Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation, Boardwalk, Calgary Homeless Foundation, Calgary Housing Company, Calgary Police Service, Government of Alberta, Home Space, InHouse Housing Society, Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies (Haskayne School of Business), United Way of Calgary and Area, Vibrant Communities Calgary and YWCA Calgary.

CHAC Co-Chair and CHBA-UDI Calgary Region Association Director of Policy, Projects and Government Relations, Beverly Jarvis, says work is already underway by the collective.
“We have an action plan to create an integrated approach to housing, to create a stable and diverse housing mix, and to achieve predictable and stable funding,” said Ms Jarvis.
“We are also engaging with all orders of government regarding any policy changes that may have an impact on housing affordability.”

CHAC recently submitted feedback to the Federal Government on the National Housing Strategy and changes to policies and legislation affecting mortgage insurance and lending rules.

Becoming a member of CHAC is currently free. As a member, you must agree to endorse and actively advocate for the CHAC vision and action plan.

For more information or to become a member, visit


Kim O’Brien, Co-Chair, CHAC Steering Committee
Executive Director,
Horizon Housing Society
Phone: 403.297.1705
Address: 885, 105 – 12th Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A1

Beverly Jarvis,Co-Chair, CHAC Steering Committee
Director of Policy, Projects & Government Relations ,
CHBA - UDI Calgary Region Association      
Phone: (403) 730-4266
Address: 100-7326 10 Street NE, Calgary, ABT2E 8W1