Our Members Have Spoken! CHAC's Policy Priorities

ThinkHQ recently completed a survey of CHAC of members for the Policy Working Group. The purpose of the survey was to get member input on CHAC’s policy priorities and CHAC’s ongoing government and public relations activities. It also asked members about CHAC’s performance. There was an overall response of 29% which is a standard rate for surveys of this type.

Member input identified amount of capital funding, long-term planning, access to capital funding and land as the top critical issues. Members also indicated that policies on land, access to capital funds and housing alignment with needs could be the easiest policy issues to address with government. CHAC also heard that briefing notes and data would assist members on their own advocacy work.

Please see the attached GR Priorities Member Survey Report. CHAC will use these results to guide development of its policy and public relations strategy.

Many thanks to the respondents. This work is made possible from the Enough for All Implementation Catalyst fund through Vibrant Communities Calgary, administered by the Burns Memorial Fund.

Curious to learn more? Read the handy summary.