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The Steering Committee is charged with governing, leading and delivering the CHAC action plan. It is accountable to all members of the collective and the general public.

The Steering Committee meets a minimum of ten times per year to provide strategic direction and to oversee resourcing requirements. A number of project facilitators report to the Steering Committee regarding the projects outlined in the action plan.




Steering committee members:

  • Arlene Adamson, Silver for Seniors

  • Sharon Blackwell, Government of Alberta, Human Services

  • Arianne Brady, Horizon Housing

  • Susan Sanderson, City of Calgary

  • Sharif Haji, Government of Alberta, Alberta Seniors and Housing

  • John Harrop, Kanas Corporation

  • Judy Hoad, InHouse Housing Society

  • David McIlveen, CRRA

  • Shaun Jones, Altus Group

  • Andrew McIntyre, City of Calgary Mayor’s Office

  • Elsbeth Mehrer, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

  • Yannick Monaghan, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

  • Sat Parhar, Calgary Police Service

  • Tim Patterson, Aboriginal Standing Committee on Housing and Homelessness

  • Franco Savoia, Vibrant Communities Calgary

  • Sarah Woodgate, Calgary Housing Company