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The Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC) is guided by a high-level action plan that includes a number of focused, collaborative projects to deliver three key outcomes.

Projects in the action plan are being led by various members of the collective. Project facilitators have been appointed and are responsible for bringing together the required resources and reporting measurable outcomes to the collective Steering Committee.




Create a consistent, centralized housing intake process that is coordinated across providers.

  • A streamlined intake process eliminates the need for applicants to submit information multiple times to different providers.

  • A centralized entry point improves the timing of people finding housing, reduces stress for applicants, and leads to an efficient system that effectively places people in the housing they need and prevents people from falling through the cracks.

    Contact the project facilitator at The City of Calgary.

Establish a common voice to engage proactively with all orders of government and the general public.

  • CHAC has the opportunity to influence existing and proposed housing policies at all orders of government, engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in collective advocacy efforts.

  • CHAC leads and coordinates public engagement, engaging the broader community in championing the long-term benefits of housing affordability.

    Contact the project facilitator at Horizon Housing Society.



Outcome 2: Stable and diverse housing mix

Ensure that residents are appropriately housed and can access the full range of housing options that meet their needs.

  • All housing providers and stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure that residents receive housing appropriate to their needs as they evolve, and transition through the housing spectrum where possible.

  • Residents in all types of housing easily access information about the spectrum of housing options and receive guidance tailored to their needs.

    Contact us if you’re interested in becoming the project facilitator for this action.

Develop a joint real estate strategy across providers to ensure a stable and adequate non-market housing supply.

  • CHAC participants implement a joint real estate strategy, potentially encompassing the acquisition and disposal of assets, amalgamation, mergers, and densification to complement funding.

  • Non-market housing providers achieve efficiencies of scale, potentially reduce property management costs, and manage and leverage assets more effectively, positioning them to better meet organizational goals for preservation of existing stock and delivery of new units.

    Contact the project facilitator.


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Outcome 3: Predictable and sustainable funding


  • CHAC has an excellent understanding of innovative financial strategies implemented in Canada and elsewhere to promote housing affordability. CHAC has evaluated the applicability and usefulness of these strategies for the housing context in Calgary.

  • Non-market housing providers access new financial products as appropriate to reduce reliance on direct public subsidy and secure diversified, sustainable funding and are better enabled to meet their organizational goals for preservation of existing stock and delivery of new units.


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