Steering Committee report, February 2017

We want to know: What does success of the Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC) look like to you? Email your thoughts to our Steering Committee Co-chairs or members.

Research action: The Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies is advancing several housing-related research projects, including identifying and developing alternative credit and finance tools. To determine the best solutions for the Calgary context, the project facilitator needs to know what success actually looks like, either for yourself or for the people that you serve. This information will allow the facilitator to align research with the most appropriate and effective solutions considering the needs of Calgarians. Please email a brief note with your thoughts.

The Westman Centre also expressed some concerns regarding timing and resource limitations to deliver on numerous CHAC research projects. However, the search for two additional research assistants is getting underway and we are looking for grant funding opportunities to support the work. If you have any tips for grants or alternative funding that CHAC may qualify for, please let us know!

Tenant workshops a huge success.

One window action: More than 40 Calgarians recently attended tenant workshops and several CHAC members completed a survey to help determine the current state of the local affordable housing system. The team has also been liaising with British Columbia, Toronto and Ottawa to understand lessons learned from existing single point of entry solutions. Since the consultant was engaged in January, considerable progress has been made to work towards a made-in-Calgary solution for a central and streamlined central intake process.

Steering Committee members actively recruiting new members.

Common voice action: We’ve identified dozens of key players in the sector that we want to join our efforts. There is strength in numbers and our Steering Committee is sending emails and making phone calls. A suggestion was made that we need an event to unite us… Stay tuned!

Other news:

  • A report by The City of Calgary is on track to be released shortly that will outline the current state of housing in the city. A key highlight is that 1,370 net new non-market units were added in the city between 2011 to December 31, 2015.
  • Enough for All recently commissioned a study to understand public awareness of poverty in the city.  The study found that 80% of Calgarians believe there is poverty in the city. 
  • Horizon Housing is holding an event shortly to learn from guest speaker Shayne Ramsay from BC Housing.

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